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Thoughts of the day: Learn from the people

“The way our people hold the cup can show different meanings to their partners: hospitability, joy, sorrow, anger, and challenge. You should watch out!”. The old man keeps on telling me stories and customs of his people with proud in his eyes. With a jar of straw wine (a local-made alcoholic drink produced from rice and forest leaves), I spent hours enjoying a journey to one of great cultures in my country – the Thai culture. “Every customs and traditions you see today have roots in the past. You know, my family name is the name of a sacred tree”.

I have been working in remote and rural areas throughout my country for over five years. My job as an environmental educator helps me enjoy opportunities to work and learn from local communities I have been to. For me, the mysterious culture behind all legends and traditional festivals is always interesting and fascinating. My country is home to 54 different ethnic groups. It also means that there are 54 different cultures I can explore and learn.