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Free Development Information on CDs

Eldis, the Institute for Development Studies’ gateway to development information, is an online source of development information. We do not, however, overestimate the use of the internet in the south and would like to provide a service for these potential users.

The Eldis OnDisc project recently undertook a study to assess the feasibility of producing CD-Roms containing a selection of documents available on our website. The response was overwhelmingly in favour of such a move. Not only were those with poor or no internet access supportive, but also individuals and organisations who would be able to further distribute the documents to fellow development professionals. The potential impact of enabling such resources to be more easily available is therefore significant.

Want to receive Eldis OnDisc?

If you would like to receive the Eldis OnDisc CD-Rom, help to distribute copies or have any other comments on the project, please complete the registration form here

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